In 1979, a shortened carbine variant of the AKS-74 was adopted into service with the Soviet Army: the AKS-74U ("U" — Russian: укороченный; Ukorochenniy, or "shortened"), which in terms of tactical deployment, bridges the gap between a submachine gun and an assault rifle. It was intended for use mainly with special forces, airborne infantry, rear-echelon support units and armored vehicle crews. It is still used in these roles, but has been augmented by various submachine guns, and the AK-105.

In Project Reality, the AKS-74U is the featured as a shortened version of its parent rifle, the AK-74. The AKS-74U is found with more support kits, rather than combat kits. It appears in the hands of Russia, the Taliban, the Militia, and the Insurgents. 



  • The Russian Army uses the AKS-74U with wooden finish, not entierly correct as they would be more likely to use the synthetic version.

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