• Babemilio

    TEST : Sole mentirosa o no... vamos a ver.

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  • Qwertyguns


    August 6, 2013 by Qwertyguns

    Sorry for not being as active on the Wiki recently, I've been busy with my job and building a new computer. 

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  • Qwertyguns

    Wiki To-Do List

    July 15, 2013 by Qwertyguns
    1. Finish Editing Portal Pages
    2. Link more pages to the Beginner's guide
    3. Create vehicle information pages
    4. Create Game Mode Information Pages
    5. Create map information pages
    6. Create mechanics information pages
    7. Finish creating weapon pages (Explosives, Melee, and Emplacements left)
    8. Finish Faction Pages (Minimod factions)
    9. Update kits page with Minimod kits(Normandy, Vietnam, Falklands)
    10. Update all pages with 1.0 stats, pictures, and information
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