Real Life DetailsEdit

The Canadian Forces (CF), officially the Canadian Armed Forces, is the unified armed force of Canada, as constituted by the National Defence Act, which states: "The Canadian Forces are the armed forces of Her Majesty raised by Canada and consist of one Service called the Canadian Armed Forces."

This unified institution consists of sea, land and air elements referred to as the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN), Canadian Army, and Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF). Personnel may belong to either the Regular Force, Primary Reserve, Supplementary Reserve, Cadet Organizations Administration and Training Service, or the Canadian Rangers. The Department of National Defence acts as the civilian support system for the Canadian Forces.

The Canadian Forces is overseen by the Armed Forces Council, chaired by the Chief of the Defence Staff. The Commander-in-Chief is the reigning Canadian monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, who is represented by the Governor General of Canada.

In Game DetailsEdit

The Canadian Forces is a BLUFOR faction in Project Reality



  • Ground Vehicles
    • G-Wagen
    • LAV III
    • Leopard MBT
  • Helicopters
    • Chinook Transport Helicopter
  • Jets
    • CF-18

Operation MapsEdit

  • AAS
    • Kashan Desert (CF vs MEC)
    • Yamalia (CF vs Russia)
  • Insurgency
    • Kokan (CF vs Taliban)
    • Operation Archer (CF vs Taliban)

  • Denotes changes in 1.0