Challenger 2

L30A1 120mm Cannon(x1), Coaxial L94A1 (x1), M2HB(x1)



Found on

Burning Sands, Al Basrah, Battle for Quinling, Fools Road, Dragon Fly, Shijia Valley



Protection Measures

Smoke Screen(x2)


Land Operation Only

Real Life DetailsEdit

The FV4034 Challenger 2 is a British main battle tank (MBT) currently in service with the armies of the United Kingdom and Oman. It was designed and built by the British company Vickers Defence Systems (now known as BAE Systems Land and Armaments).

Challenger 2 is an extensive redesign of the Challenger 1. Although the hull and automotive components seem similar, they are of a newer design and build than those of the Challenger 1, and fewer than 5% of components are interchangeable. Challenger 2 replaced Challenger 1 in service with the British Army and is also used by the Royal Army of Oman. It has seen operational service in Bosnia, Kosovo and Iraq.

In Game DetailsEdit

The Challenger 2 is seen and operated as the Main Battle Tank of the British Armed Forces. It has similar armaments to all other tanks in Project Reality. 


  • Perkins CV-12 V12 Diesel Engine (1200hp)
    • 56km/h Maximum Speed
    • 40km/h Offroad Maximum Speed


  • L30A1 120mm Rifled Gun
    • AP (x52)
    • HEAT (x)
  • Coaxial L94A1 EX-34
    • 7.62x51mm NATO (x)
  • M2HB
    • .50 BMG/12.7x99mm NATO (x)

Armour/Protection MeasuresEdit

  • Driver
    • Smoke Screen (x2)
  • Gunner
    • Smoke Shell (x2)


  • Challenger 2
    • British Armed Forces Variant
  • Challenger 2 (CO-OP)
    • 1-turret control and movement


  • The tank commander hatch is incorrectly armed with a M2HB instead of the correct L37A2 (MAG).