The Degtyaryov machine gun (Russian: Пулемёт Дегтярёвa Пехотный Pulemyot Degtyaryova Pekhotny "Degtyaryov's infantry machine gun") or DP is a light machine gun firing the 7.62×54mmR cartridge that was used primarily by the Soviet Union starting in 1928. The DP machine gun was supplemented in the 1950s by the more modern RPD machine gun and entirely replaced in Soviet service by the general purpose PK machine gun in the 1960s.

The DP-28 was an improvement from the earlier DP-26, both designed by Vasily Degtyaryov. The DP-28 was relatively cheap and easy to manufacture – early models had fewer than 80 parts. The DP was especially able to withstand dirt. In tests it was buried in sand and mud and was still capable of firing more than 500 rounds. The DP's main drawback was its bipod; it could not withstand much abuse and broke easily.[citation needed] Also, the magazine, a pan with 47 rounds that fed in from the top, was relatively small and continuous fire for long periods could not be relied on as much as contemporary belt-fed weapons. Due to the design of the magazine, reloading each one with ammunition took a very long time. The DP's lower cyclic rate of fire did however mean a reduced risk of the barrel overheating.

In Project Reality, the DP-28 appears as the alternative weapon for several OPFOR machinegunner kits. 


  • DP-28
  • 47 Round Drum Magazine
  • Bipod
  • Users
    • ARF
    • Hamas
    • NVA
    • Taliban
    • Insurgents



  • The DP-28 was classified as a light machine gun prior to the 1.0 patch