Based on the L85A1 a compact carbine known as the L22A2 was developed with a short, 442 mm barrel, giving a total weight (with the optical sight) of 4.42 kg and a total length of 709 mm. The forward handguard was replaced with a vertical grip. The weapon uses the same SUSAT sight as found on the full size L85. The weapon has been upgraded with a Picatinny rail accessory rail instead of the fixed front grip. In limited service with Royal Armoured Corps, Royal Marines and Aircrew.

In Project Reality, the L22A2 acts as the main weapon for British Armed Forces Crewmen, the compactness of the carbine makes it favourable to carry in vehicles.


  • L22A1
    • Used by British Armed Forces
    • Includes a SUSAT scope


  • This weapon and the C8A2 carbine are the only crewman kit weapons equiped with a scope

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