The British classic assault rifle, the L85 is still I service today as the latest variant of the L85A2. Out of SA80 series this is the most Iconic one out of all of them. In 2014 the L85A2 was in 7th place of one of the most strongest assault rifles in the world and first in strongest Bulpup rifles in the world. This weapon is a veteran with the British armed forces, Former British colonies and more,

thought so much in Afghanistan, Iraq, Ireland, Sirra Leone in the hand of the British and allies. It began in the 1980s after the Falklands wars and into near end of the Cold War as Soviet Russia invade Afghanistan and because of that NATO quickly got involed and the British needed to think of somthing new to replace the L1A1 because the fighting in Afghanistan was incrediblly fast paced non stop action so semi

L85A2. Photo taken in since week after the release.

automatic rifles wound't be suitable as the British was ordered to be in the front line. 

The SA80 (Small Arms for the 1980s) is a British family of 5.56mm small arms. It is a selective fire, gas-operated assault rifle. Elements of its design, in particular the bullpup configuration, come from the earlier EM-2 rifle. The first prototypes were trialled in 1976 and production ended in 1994. The L85 rifle (full name Rifle, 5.56mm, L85A2), in its improved A2 version, is the standard individual weapon for the British armed forces. 

In 2000 the German fire arm Heckler & Koch was transferd into a British fire arm designer and the L85A2 was the first British HK weapon and a massive improvement compared to its first and in 2004 thousands of copies were buyed. In 2005 HK return to Germany but the L85A2 remains British and sold to a British military vehicle landmark and fire arm: BAE systems. In 2010 the remastered L85A2 was shown, in 2011 is was rebuild, more improved and released in June 2011. 

In Project Reality, the L85A2 is the main combat rifle of the British Armed Forces, and is not used by any other faction. The L85A2 in reality and Project reality is a high stranded powerhouse weapon to use. It's mainly seen with the
British Royal Marine aiming down sight

British soldier aiming down his sight with the L85A2 variant.

ACOG/Backup sight, SUSAT sight, Iron sights and on most equipped attachment is the handgrip underneath the railsight.


  • L85A2
    • Used by British Armed Forces
    • Modifications
    • It's optics UGL
      • SUSAT Scope
      • ACOG Scope
      • Iron Sights
      • Hand grip
  • L85A2 Grenadier
    • Used by British Armed Forces
    • Modifications
    • It's optics UGL with grenade launcher
      • ACOG 4x
      • Iron Sights
      • AG36 grenade launcher

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