The M4 was the first gas-operated shotgun produced by Benelli. Its function is designed around an entirely new method called the "auto regulating gas operated" (ARGO) system. The ARGO system on the M4 opened the door for Benelli's development of the R1 rifle line. The design uses two stainless-steel self-cleaning pistons located just ahead of the chamber to function opposite the rotating bolt, thereby eliminating the need for the complex mechanisms found on other gas-actuated automatics. Benelli accomplishes this level of reliability through the simplicity of the mechanism. The ARGO is a short-stroke system that incorporates only four parts. It consists of two symmetrical shrouds containing two small steel gas pistons.

In Project Reality, the M4 Super 90 is seen in the hands of the British Armed Forces and the United States Marine Corps. It can fire either buckshot or slug rounds, the first one being better for close quarters, and the latter one being better from longer ranges. M4 Super 90, like other shotguns, can be used to open certain doors and gates by shooting at their locks.


  • M1014 JSCS
    • Used by the USMC
    • Equipped with Iron Sights only
    • Only fires Buckshot
  • L128A1
    • Used by the BAF
    • Equipped with iron sights or a EOtech holographic sight
    • Fires either buckshor or slug

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