The PKP "Pecheneg" (Russian: Печенег) is a Russian machine gun chambered for the 7.62x54mmR round. It is a modernized PK machine gun. The Pecheneg is said to be more accurate than all its predecessors due to a heavier, non-removable forced air cooling barrel with radial cooling ribs and a handle which eliminates the haze effect from hot gases and keeps the barrel cooler, making the weapon more reliable.

Furthermore, the weapon is capable of having a telescopic sight or other sights mounted on it, increasing accuracy further. The military designation of the Pecheneg is 6P41 or 6P41N when fitted with a night vision sight. The Pecheneg is currently in use by Russian Army Spetsnaz and other troops in significant numbers.


  • PKP
    • Bipod
    • Modifications
      • PK-A 3.4x Scope
      • Iron Sights


  • The PKP is issued to the Chinese PLA in the game, despite them not using this weapon in real life. Developers have stated that this is meant to be a placeholder pending introduction of the correct QJY-88 at a later time.


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