The QBB-95 (Type 95) (Chinese: 轻武器, 步枪, 班用, 1995; pinyin: Qīngwuqi, Bùqiāng—Bānyòng, 1995; literally "Light weapon, Rifle, Squad based, 1995") is the light support weapon variant of the Chinese Type 95 family. Based on the QBZ-95, the standard issue to most PLA units, most parts and ammunition of them are interchangeable (while small number of units are issued with Type 56, Type 81, or Type 03 Assault rifle, the latter of which also chambers the same 5.8x42mm DBP87 round). This family includes a standard Assault rifle variant, a compact carbine variant and this particular light support weapon/Squad automatic weapon variant. The longer, heavier barrel and 80-round drum magazine of the QBB-95 allow sustained firing, however the standard 30-round box magazine is also compatible.


  • QBB-95
    • Barrel-Mounted Bipod
    • 75 Drum Magazine
    • Modifications
      • Iron Sights
      • 4x Y/MA 95-002 Scope

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