The QBU-88 rifle (also sometimes referred to as Type 88 rifle) was the first weapon of the newest generation of Chinese small arms, chambered for proprietary 5.8 x 42 mm ammunition. Adopted in 1997, the QBU-88 is, by the modern sense, not a true sniper rifle – it is more of designated marksman rifle, intended for aimed semi-automatic fire at ranges beyond the capabilities of standard infantry assault rifles. The rifle is intended for rough military use, so it is fitted with adjustable iron sights by default, and is generally equipped with telescopic sights or with night sights.

In Project Reality, the QBU-88 is the main weapon of the PLA markman class, and sports a black finish.


  • QBU-88
    • Used by PLA
    • Modifications
      • Telescoptic Scope
      • Iron Sights

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