The pistol is recoil operated, locked breech and uses a rotating barrel locking system, in which the barrel rotates on recoil to lock and unlock itself from the slide and the front part of the frame under the barrel is shaped as an accessory rail to accept laser sights or flash lights.

Its dual stack magazine holds fifteen of either 9x19mm Parabellum ammunition (QSZ-92-9) or twenty proprietary 5.8x21mm Chinese-made armor-piercing rounds with bottle-necked case and pointed bullets (QSZ-92-5.8), closely resembling the Belgian 5.7x28mm format.

The development of the QSZ-92 pistol began circa 1994 and it is now being adopted by the People's Liberation Army forces. 

In Project Reality, the QSZ-92 is the main sidearm of the People Liberation Army of China. It fires a 5.8x21mm round. 


  • QSZ-92
    • 5.8x21mm
    • Used by the PLA


  • The version of the QSZ-92 originally used in Project Reality was the 9x19mm export version, instead of the 5.8x21mm domestic version, the QSZ-92-5.8; this was rectified in version 1.0.

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