Introduced in 1974 together with the AK-74 assault rifle and chambered for the new 5.45x39mm high-velocity cartridge. The RPK-74 derives from the AK-74 rifle, with modifications that mirror those made to the AKM to create the RPK. The RPK-74 also uses a longer and heavier chrome-plated barrel, which has a new gas block with a gas channel at a 90° angle to the bore axis, and a ring for the cleaning rod. The RPK-74 was also equipped with a folding bipod and a different front sight tower. The muzzle is threaded for a flash suppressor or blank-firing device.

The rear stock trunnion was strengthened and the magazine well was reinforced with steel inserts.

Additionally, the RPK-74 has a modified return mechanism compared to the AK-74, which uses a new type of metal spring guide rod and recoil spring. The rear sight assembly, forward handguard and receiver dust cover were all retained from the RPK.

The RPK-74 feeds from a 45-round polymer box magazine, interchangeable with magazines from the AK-74, and is designed to be charged from stripper clips. Drum magazines similar to those used on the previous RPK models were tested during the development phase of the RPK-74, but were discontinued in favor of the 45-round box magazine. However, the drum magazines were still produced in limited numbers.

In Project Reality, the RPK-74 is the main weapon of the Russian and Militia automatic rifleman classes.

Variants Edit

  • RPK-74
    • Wooden Handguards and Stock
    • Orange Magazine
    • Used by Militia
  • RPK-74M
    • Synthetic Black Handguards and Stock
    • Black Stock
    • Modifications
      • Iron Sights
      • 1P29 Scope w/BUIS
    • Used by Russia

Trivia Edit

  • The RPK-74 in the game is incorrectly modeled with a curved magazine similar to that of the original RPK as opposed to the straighter magazine used by the real-life RPK-74. This has been fixed in version 1.4.
  • The RPK-74 in Project Reality has a curved "banana" magazine as oposed to the drum magazine in vanilla Battlefield 2.

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RPK-74 1.0 Preview

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