Spawning is the way you choose where and what you want to join the battle.

You can spawn at the following places:

  • Squad Rally Point
  • Map Temporary points, these points disapper after 5 minutes after round start. (Example: Parachute spawns on Silent Eagle)
  • Commander Rally Point
  • FOBs (Excluding Insurgents & Taliban) and Hideouts (Insurgents & Taliban Only)
  • Weapon Caches (Insurgents & Taliban Only)
  • Base (Not spawnable once you lose all of your capable control points to the enemy)

The respawning time depends on what you did in your last life:

The default minimum is 30s but can be increased or decresed by certain factors but can never go below 30s. The time spent waiting for a medic will decrease your respawn timer also, but not below 5s (To allow you to choose your kit and spawn point)

The following permanently changes all future spawn timesEdit

  • Player death: +3s
  • Player kills enemy player near a objective: -1s
  • Team completes a objective: -3s
  • Squad built a FOB (Forward Operation Base): -10s

The following only effects you next spawn timeEdit

  • Suicide: +30s
  • Destroyed your own weapon cache: +300s
  • Killing a civilian (Violate Rule of Engagement): +120s
  • Teamkill: +15s